Customer feedback

My son is about 4 months old and he loves this necklace. If has saved me from a lot of slapping and scratching while he is nursing, and has helped tremendously with his teething. He loves to chew on and play with this necklace.

- dana curry

Great quality. Speedy delivery all the way to the other side of the world! Thank you!

- Lauren Hewitt

This is just what I needed 33 years ago when I was nursing my daughter...she pulled on my long hair until I finally gave in and cut it. Now I will save this as my gift to her when she becomes a Mother! Beautifully made!

- Suzanne

I initially thought this was a little big and clunky for my tastes, but as I wear it more and more it grows on me. Love the stone embellishment. Obviously constructed with meticulous attention and care and worth every penny. Really like the seller. Would definitely buy from her again. Fast shipping considering it arrived from Germany. Beautiful packaging.

- Kimberly Lee

Cute set absolutely adorable

- serenesirenebv

This is such a beautiful piece! Well made and just what I was looking for! Baby boy loves it! I just sent a picture of my wrap and asked to create something that matches and it is perfect! Thank you!

- Lisa Avila

This was a great teething necklace for my toddler. He loves the different sizes and shapes of the beads and he chews on every part of it. Since he loves rainbows this is finally a teether that he is willing to have on him at all times.

- Marzena Sturgeon

My 5 month old loves this!! Keeps her focused and busy while nursing, and when she plays with it, it even helps the milk get down!! It took a week to be put in the mail, but it arrived in the US from Germany in a week and a half! Faster than I thought!

- amy83

Gifted this to my sister who has a newborn and she loved it! I would even wear it. ;) amazing quality and super light weight.

- The Calm Collective

I received one of these necklaces from a friend after my first child. They are wonderful for teething and keeping baby occupied while traveling or baby wearing! I loved mine so much I am buying more for my friends with babies and I'm really excited to try out the new pacifier strap!!! These are wonderfully made and I would highly recommend to all parents.

- Britta Schillhammer